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Caring for your jewellery 
Guarantee & Repairs  

How should I look after my jewellery?

Your jewellery is quite delicate and despite using robust, professional material suitable for daily wear, it is important to follow a few guidelines to maintain the original beauty of the gemstones. Kylee encourages you to use your intuition when wearing one of her creations but she also  advises you to do the following:

* remove your jewellery at the pool, beach or spas because chlorinated or salty water can tarnish and damage the stones.

* avoid contact with chemicals such as perfumes, body lotions, household products etc,

* store them carefully in the pouch provided.


* remove them at night. Your stones are like you, they need to rest and recharge. Use the pouch provided with a rock crystal or Flower of Life or place your jewellery on a stone used to recharge them. Kylee uses selenite and a "Flower of Life" for her gemstones.



Please don't hesitate to contact Kylee should you have any questions.

What type of metal is used in the jewellery?

Kylee designs and creates with the upmost care. Her aim is to provide authenticity, fulfilment and serenity. All gemstones are genuine and Kylee takes great care to exclusively use solid 925 silver or 12 / 14kt gold filled.

What is GF - gold filled 

The gold-filled finish is  widely used in the United States. Gold Filled is composed of a 14 carat gold finish on a brass base by a process combining pressure and heat. The weight of gold is 1/20 of the total weight of the product is about 50 to 100 times more than in a gold-plated product. This layer is much thicker than in the case of a gold-plated jewel. The result of this technique is very strong and durable jewellery. Gold Filled will tarnish but will do so less quickly provided that it is cared for.  In addition, as the gold layer is thicker than in the case of gold-plated jewellery, the risk of an allergic reaction is low. That said, 14k gold filled jewellery is not recommended for people with very acidic skin since it could alter the gold layer and expose the metal base which will cause the jewellery to turn green or oxidise. Gold Filled is recognised by the terms GF.

To clean and shine your gold-filled jewellery, simply clean with a little warm water with mild shampoo and a baby toothbrush. Rub delicately, then rinse thoroughly with clear water and let dry on absorbent paper

It is also better to avoid putting your jewellery in contact with cleaning products, lemon or other acidic elements, chlorine or seawater. It is the same for gemstones.

Do I need to do something to my jewellery before wearing it?

Worth knowing: once Kylee has finished making a piece of jewellery she uses several methods to cleanse it energetically and charge it. When you receive the piece of jewellery you do not need to clean or charge it. You could however "program" your jewellery. 

How do I program a piece of jewellery of a gemstone?

It is a question of loading a stone with an intention, a code of action which one prints energetically in the vibration of the stone.


Hold the jewel and the stone in your hands, look at it. Start breathing with slow, deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Now focus on what you want to say to it. When you inhale, see a visual image of what you want and imagine how you feel. At each expiration, send your desire to the jewel / stone. Once you can clearly visualize what you want your intention is now programmed. This vibration is stored there until you replace it with a new intention. You can program several jewels / stones with the same intention.

Once they are loaded, it is best not to let others touch them as they will absorb the energy of others.

And after what do I do?

In order to maintain their benefits, the stones must be regularly looked after. By absorbing the negative energies and conveying their positive virtues, the minerals gradually lose their powers. In the absence of regular maintenance the stones no longer work properly and end up being totally inactive.

Kylee suggests that your jewellery and stones are left each night on a piece of  selenite and even more effective is to place them on a Flower of Life. Every month you can also benefit from the power of the full moon.

The stones and the moon unite on the nights of full moon. To reload your stones / jewels in the light of the full moon, you just have to put them on the edge of your window at the right date. Leave your stones all night on the window, it does not matter if the sky is veiled or if the weather is not nice, it will not prevent your stones from recharging. Once the night has passed in the light of the full moon, you will feel the difference: your stones will be resplendent, they will have found all their vitality and their energy.

What is the purpose of The Flower of Life?

The Flower of Life according to Wikipedia

The Flower of Life exists in several materials, printed on paper, in wood or even better in brushed stainless steel.

The Flower of Life releases a vibratory frequency sufficient to purify and increase considerably the energy of all that one can deposit on it such as stones & crystals.

The geometric shapes have a strong power to recharge stones thanks to the vibrations caused by shapes and lines. It is made up of nineteen intersecting circles, inscribed inside a sphere. The Flower of Life is a sum of benefits, it harmonizes, revitalizes, regenerates, re balances and protects.

The Lunes Guarantee


Kylee aims to ensure that you fully enjoy your Lunes jewellery and she is 100% committed to your satisfaction.

If usage instructions are followed, she does not expect any problems with the jewellery. However, in exceptional cases when you face a problem, she will fully support you. Please get in touch with her.

Kylee will examine your jewellery and if she decides that it is part of a craftsmanship failure, she will either repair or replace it, ensuring it is as good as new, at no additional cost to you. This is valid within 3 MONTHS of purchase. The Mala guarantee is different. 

If you decide to ignore Kylee's advice regarding how to wear & care for your jewellery she can not be held responsible. She will however offer to repair or replace your jewellery. This service is not free of charge. She will always do her best to help you.

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