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Our story

2 artisans créateurs    -   2 passions  -   1 atelier-boutique


Kylee has been working with gemstones since 2003. Self-taught with her own maker's mark, she relies heavily on her intuition to create unique and personal jewellery.

She has an extensive knowledge of  gemstones and how they can benefit general emotional well being. 

Kylee's clients feel well guided and trust her intuition & magic.

Kylee designs and creates with the  utmost care. Her goal is to bring you authenticity, fulfilment and serenity. ​


Kylee infuses positive energies into her jewellery designs.


Andy's background is in house building. However,  on moving to France he was astounded by the way the local winemakers used to burn their used wine barrels, so much so that he decided to do something about it!

Now, he spends his days lovingly recycling & restoring individual wine barrels to produce beautiful furniture, decorative objects and sculptures.

He works with a range of local wine makers and businesses.

Each piece is branded with the Lunes logo.

Andy is happy to discuss personal design orders and his enthusiasm is endless!


You can view his work here.

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