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Magic & Protection Mala

Magic & Protection Mala

Unique 108 hand knotted mala necklace infused with powerful universal energies.

Mantra : "I call forth the magic & the protection of higher awareness"


6mm Labradorite & Tourmaline

Focal Guru - Labradorite (6cm)

Total length: 43cm approximately


The mala comes complete with its own pouch and flower of life.

  • Worth Knowing

    Kylee has been working with gemstones since 2003. Self-taught  she relies heavily on her intuition to create unique and personal jewellery. She has a deep knowledge of stones.

    Each creation is unique, created for the person in question according to his/her choice of stones and  finishing. 
    All stones are carefully selected for their virtues. Used in litho-therapy, the stones are natural and all have differences, in shades, inclusions and may include irregularities. 



  • The Mala Guarantee

    #EspritdeLunes  - Mala Guarantee

    Malas are incredibly personal items that contain intuitive energies and intentions and act as a daily reminder to be more mindful and remain present. They are designed to be worn and used for a long time. However no mala will last forever. Depending on how you wear you mala will determine how long it lasts.

    With so much energy infused into each  knot of your necklace; it would be such a shame for your mala to break. I therefore recommend:-

    • Avoid extreme heat or cold because it can damage the stones and change their color.

    • Avoid water, perfumes, and chemicals as they can damage the beads as well as the thread, so avoid wearing your malas when swimming or bathing.

    • Put your Mala to sleep at night in its individual pouch / sleeping bag. Adding a Flower of Life will allow for the removal of any unnecessary energies and will allow the Mala time to re energise and recuperate.

    • Avoid situations where the malas can get snagged, tugged at, or pulled. 

    • Avoid wrapping a mala necklace around your wrist, unless you have one which can be worn several ways. This can stretch the cord unnecessarily and cause the string to break.


    And when it breaks?

    When a mala breaks, it is normally considered as a breakthrough or the end of that intention, cycle or current path. At this point you may want to consider a new one with a new focus, path, affirmation or intention. 

    If your Mala Necklace is less than 4 months old and provided that you have followed the recommended guidelines  I will repair / replace free of charge.  Please e-mail me with your name / order details and a photo of the problem. If your Mala Necklace is more than 4 months old I will determine if it can be repaired and the costs involved.

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